Plastering of wall and ceiling

Maler-Teamet is your expert in plastering walls and ceilings. As a professional painting company, we always ensure that our preliminary work is in order. This applies not least when leveling surfaces, so the result after setting up e.g. glass fibre will be optimal.

If you want nice smooth surfaces everywhere, talk to us. Our team of skilled painters will ensure that you get walls and ceilings that are fully plastered and sanded to perfection. Primers are then applied and glass fibre or wallpaper is set up on the walls. Especially when setting up glass fibre tissue, it is very important that the surfaces are completely even.

We carry out full plastering and other painting tasks for both private persons, businesses and the public sector. Contact us and find out more about plastering of a house, apartment, office or other premises.

Plastering of a wall done by a painter
Plastered, sanded and painted wall and ceiling - Professional painting work

Wall plastering

When we are assigned a painting task that includes wall plastering, we systematically go through the following steps:

  • Remove of old wallpaper or other loose wall covering
  • Patching holes and cracks in the wall with wall putty
  • Initial plastering of the entire wall
  • Sanding the wall
  • Thorough cleaning of the wall
  • Applying a new thin layer of wall filler
  • Finishing sanding of the wall
  • Thorough cleaning of the wall
  • Applying wall primer

Depending on the type of walls to be plastered, different techniques can be used.

Likewise, it may not always be necessary to remove an existing wall covering. Eg. if glass fibre fabric has already been set up, then it will be a very time-consuming task to remove this. Instead, after a thorough cleaning and priming of the surface, wall putty can be applied.

Larger painting tasks

At Maler-Teamet, we specialise in helping businesses and housing companies with larger painting projects. Therefore, if you have a larger painting task that includes plastering m2 of wall and ceiling, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our team of painters always work intensively to deliver any renovation project on time and in the highest quality. Plastering is to a large extent pression work.  That is why you should also choose a professional painting company for the task.

Our goal is always to deliver a result that meets our customers’ expectations and creates a beautiful and durable result.

Painter plasters and sands the wall even
Result after plastering and painting of the wall

After the plastering

When we have completely finished the plastering of wall and ceiling, we take on other types of painting tasks. Eg. we offer:

  • Setting up glass fibre tissue
  • Setting up glass fibre fabric
  • Wallpapering
  • Painting the wall
  • Painting the ceiling

If you have special wishes for how your walls or ceilings should be finished after the plastering, talk to us. We are happy to undertake untypical painting tasks and to provide an offer for it.

Our team of painters like a good challenge. That is why we always set the bar very high when we carry out a painting task,

Get an offer

We help businesses, housing associations and private individuals with a wide range of painting tasks. Often we also undertake total renovation of staircases, apartments, houses, shops, office premises etc.

We often carry out plastering of walls and ceilings as a foundation for our other painting tasks. Therefore we are keen on providing offers for renovation tasks which include full plastering.

Use our get an order offer function, contact form or call us during our opening hours. Then find at time for a possible inspection of the painting tasks have for us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Last updated: 6th August 2023

Setting up glass fibre tissue and painting the wall after plastering