Facade renovation

Ready to renovate your facade

If you need to have a facade painted on a house, a residential building or a company domicile, then you have come to the right place.

At Maler-Teamet, we are ready to take on tasks which includes the painting of a facade.

We have carried out many successful projects for both larger and smaller dwellings. If you live in your own house Maler-Teamet can help you with painting and renovation of the house both inside and out.

If you need a painter in the Copenhagen area, contact Maler-Teamet. We can help you with paint work both inside and outside.

Painting a facade of a residential building - Maler-Teamet
Renovation of house facade - Facade renovation

Cleaning and painting of facades

House facades become ugly and dirty with age. It is therefore important to have the facade cleaned up from time to time and paint it.

At Maler-Teamet we can help with both cleaning and painting of facades. If your facade needs other types of repair, then we have the possibility of including a professional bricklayer to the project. We can also associate other skilled craftsmen to lend a helping hand to a facade project.

Basically, however, there is a lot different facade work which our skilled painters manage themselves. As an example Maler-Teamet is responsible for cleaning, plastering and of course painting of facades.

Repair and painting of windows

If you need to repair a facade, in many cases it is also a good idea to have your windows repaired.

If you e.g. live in an older house with wooden windows, then it would make sense to also repair the windows, when renovating the facade work.

When your facade is renovated usually a scaffolding will be set up. Therefore, you can just as well have a closer look at other things on the outside of the building. It could be adorable to make other repairs to the facade while the scaffolding is up. You should e.g. consider having wooden windows painted on the outside when renovating the facade.

Cleaning and painting of facade in Copenhagen - Painting service
Renovation of facade on a residential building - Maler-Teamet

Get an offer on painting the facade

Painting a house facade or a facade of another type building is a major task. It is therefore important that you get a professional painter to conduct the task.

We are always interested in a painting assignment, which includes painting a facade. Therefore we would like to give you a good offer on your facade project.

Write to us via our contact form, use the get an offer form or call us immediately at 27 12 41 87.

Last updated: 24th June 2023