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Painter in Hvidovre

Maler-Teamet is a professional painting company that offers painting services in Hvidovre and the surrounding area. If you have a painting task in Hvidovre, we would like to make a bit for it.

You have no worries when Maler-Teamet does your painting work. We take great pride in delivering high-quality painting work. Fortunately, many customers also appreciate this.

One of our specialties is painting apartments when people move out for local housing companies. However, we are also glad to take on other business tasks and tasks for private individuals in Hvidovre.

Painter in Hvidovre - Malet-Teamet a local painting company
Painting tasks in Hvidovre carried out by the Maler-Teamet

Complete renovation in Hvidovre

In connection with moving out of apartments in Hvidovre, we often carry out a complete renovation. A complete renovation of an apartment includes painting the ceiling and walls, floor treatment or floor sanding and a complete cleaning of the apartment.

In connection with other types of renovations, e.g. of houses, apartments, office premises, etc. we also offers the same service. Our team of painters therefore will not only handle ordinary painting work, but also offers floor service.

We can offer you a price for a complete renovation of the rooms you want to renovate in your house or apartment in Hvidovre.

Different types of painting jobs

At Maler-Teamet we like a good challenge. This has meant that over the years we have been given a lot of different and challenging painting tasks.

However, we cannot avoid that the types of painting jobs that we have most of include:

Feel free to contact us and get an offer for your painting project in Hvidovre.

Renovation of facade in Hvidovre
Staircase renovated by Maler-Teamet

Business painter for Hvidovre

Although we are very happy with private painting jobs, we are even more interested in taking larger painting jobs in Hvidovre for businesses customers. We have grown so large that we can easily take on painter contracts and other major painting tasks for housing associations and companies.

We are your business painter in Hvidovre. If you as a company, shop owner or housing company in the area need a team of skilled painters, then talk to us.

We look forward to help even more local housing companies, shops, companies, schools, institutions and other businesses customers in Hvidovre with painting tasks.

Price for paint work in Hvidovre

It does not matter whether you need a painter for business, public or private in Hvidovre, you can get an offer from us.

Hvidovre is part of our local area, so we are always interested to take on new painting tasks here. If you have a query about an assignment, you can always call us at 27 12 41 87.

If you have a specific painting task for which you would like a quote, you can fill out our get an order form. Here you also have the opportunity to upload picture. Hereby we will quickly be able to give you an offer. We look forward to hear from you regarding a painting assignment in Hvidovre.

Last updated: 24th June 2023

Painting work in progress in Hvidovre