Painter contract

Painting contracts in Copenhagen

Maler-Teamet is interested in taking on a painting contract in the Copenhagen area. Our team of skilled painters conduct all kinds of painter and floor service in connection with contract work. We have e.g. conducted the following painting tasks in the Greater Copenhagen area for:

As a professional painting company we also take on painting tasks and floor sanding as a contractor on larger construction projects or building renovation projects.

Painting contract in and around Copenhagen - Maler-Teamet
Painter for housing companies - Craftsman - Maler-Teamet

Craftsmanship contract for housing companies

At Maler-Teamet we co-operate with a large number of housing companies in Copenhagen that rent out apartments. Among other things we fulfil painting contracts where we paint and renovate rental apartments for housing companies and associations.

Our specialty is to conduct a complete renovation of an apartment when somebody is moving out. For this task we give a relocation guarantee for housing companies. Among other things we also take on contract work where we paint and renovate rental homes for landlords.

We are of course interested in making deals and in co-operating with different kinds of housing companies. We are both interested in larger and smaller painting contracts with local housing companies. If you are a decision-maker in a retal, co-operative or owner hosing association, please contact us. We would be happy to tell you more about what we can offer regarding painting and floor treatments.

Painting of public institutions

Painting of a school, educational institution or other public building is a interesting tasks for most painters, also for us. Our team of painters would be glad to take on a painting contract where a building of a public institution is to be painted. For the same reasons we would also like to bid on painting assignments for public institutions.

According to the current rules we are very interested in making a direct bid for painting assignments in the range from 300,000 DKK to 3 million DKK. If you as head of a public institution are interested in an underbid from a painter then feel free to talk to us.

We are always ready to have a talk regarding contracts within the painting profession for public institutions. This also applies for assignments of less than 300,000 DKK. For that matter we are of course also interested in major public tenders of more that 3 million DKK.

Painter for public buildings - Painting contract - Maler-Teamet
Maler-Teamet working in Rødovre carrying out painting tasks

Painter for companies

If you are looking for a painter for your company, then you have come to the right place. We conduct various painting tasks for all kinds of companies. E.g. we renovate facades, woodwork, walls and ceilings etc.

For more that 10 years in the painting industry we have among others served the following types of companies:

  • Service companies
  • Production companies
  • Shops
  • Restaurants

We would also like to take on a painting contract, painting task or floor service task for your company. Contact us for an offer and more information.

Subcontractor for construction contracts

Maler-Teamet can also be hired as a subcontractor on larger building projects. In this connection we are looking for partners within the following types construction companies, who act as a main contractor in connection with building projects:

  • Developers
  • Contracting companies
  • Construction companies
  • Carpenter companies
  • Joiner companies
  • Bricklayer companies

If conditions and price is reasonable we would like to take on a role as subcontractor of painting and floor services for a main contractor.

A painting contract is an important part of any new construction project, renovation project, extension project, remodeling project or other type of construction project. Therefore, as a professional painting company we would like to offer our services in connection with larger painting contracts.

Painting contractor - Painter as subcontractor for construction contractor
Contact us regarding painting contracts - Maler-Teamet

More about painting contracts

If you are a decision-maker regarding painting contracts in the Greater Copenhagen area we would like to hear from you. We are a professional and flexible painting company which would like to take on a new painting contract.

We are interested in giving offers to housing companies, public institutions, service companies and construction companies.

Call us at +45 27124187 to learn more about what we can offer regarding painting contracts. You are of course also welcome to use the contact form here on the website.

Last updated: 24th June 2023