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Professionally performed floor work

In addition to the fact that our painting company of course offers to do all kinds of painting, we can actually also offer all kinds of floor service .

Maler-Teamet hereby provides a complete service for our customers, who often want have the ceiling, wall and floor done.

Our professional floor service includes the following tasks:

Newly painted house - Renovated living room - Paint work
Renovated floor in apartment - Renovation of home - Maler-Teamet

New life to your floors

Often by conducting a floor sanding or floor treatment of an existing floor you can get an excellent result. We at Maler-Teamet can help you with your wooden or parquet floors.

With a professionally performed floor sanding and floor treatment you can give new life to your old floors.

Every floor task we undertake starts with an inspection of the floor. In this process we also advice you as a customer what would be the best solution for your floor. We always seek to have satisfied customers no made if we do a painting or floor job.

Today there are many opportunities of having different types of floor work done. The effects are really good and exiting.

As good as new

If your apartment or house has plank flooring or a solid parquet flooring then your floor can often be like new again. With the right sanding and treatment of the floor you can achieve a fantastically beautiful and durable result.

To be sure you get a good advise regarding your floor and a good end result your should book Maler-Teamet to do your floor work. As a member of Danske Malermestre (The Association of Danish Painters) we guarantee a job well done.

A good hardwood floor can last a lifetime if you provide the right treatment for it. When our floor work is done we also always give our customers good advice regarding maintaining and caring for their new floor.

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Painting living room in an apartment - Renovation of homes - Maler-Teamet

Cleaning and repair of floors

At Maler-Teamet we often carry out complete renovation of rental apartments when people move out. A complete renovation as a minimum includes cleaning and repair of the floor.

It is not always necessary to carry out a floor sanding. If the wooden floor or parquet floor is in good condition then a thorough cleaning and a floor treatment might be enough.

When we hand over a renovated apartment when a tenant moves out a complete cleaning has also been done.

Likewise when we perform other painting or floor work we also always make sure to hand over the home neat and clean.

Get an floor work offer

Here on the website you can read more about the types of floor service that we offer.

If you are interested in having floor work done by us you are very welcome to call us at 27 12 41 87.

You can also use our contact form and get an offer from us.

Last updated: 24th June 2023

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