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Painter for housing companies

At Maler-Teamet we co-operate with a large number of housing companies and property administrators in the Copenhagen area. KABHP Ejendomsservice and Cobblestone are among our partners.

We are of course interested in entering into more co-operation agreements with other housing companies and property managers. At the moment we are primarily conducting complet renovations of rental apartments for housing companies and housing associations when people move out.

We are a professionel painter company with more than 10 years experience. Our team of painters take on both smaller and larger contacts within the painting profession.

Painter for housing companies - Maler-Teamet
Co-operation with housing companies about painting tasks

Co-operation about painting work

Housing companies are always welcome to contact us to get an offer for a painting job or painter contract. Likewise we are interested in having talks regarding new co-operation possibilities with housing associations and property administrators.

We would like to offer signing an agreement regarding ongoing painting assignments for your housing association or housing company. If your rental, co-operative or owners association needs a painter then contact us.

Property administrators are also a type of housing company that we would like to enter into an co-operation with regarding various painting tasks.

Painting work for housing associations

Maler-Teamet conducts painting and floor service for several housing associations in  Copenhagen in the Greater Copenhagen area. At present we primarily co-operate with municipal and public housing associations regarding the following types of painting tasks:

As security for tenants and landlords, we provice a relocation guarantee when people move out from rental apartments.

We would also like to collaborate with your housing association or housing company. For us it is not important whether we have to co-operate with a municipal or private housing association. We perform painting work for everyone including private individuals.

Painting work for housing companies - Maler-Teamet
Painter for a housing company renovating a staircase

Service for property managers

We are also interested in entering into co-operation agreements with property managers. If you are a property administrator or work in a company dealing with property administration when please contact us regarding painting service.

At Maler-Teamet we are only interested in having satisfied customers. Therefore we always make sure to deliver professional painting work. We do this no matter if we work for one of our business customers or for private customers.

For property administrators we offer to take on painting and floor tasks locally in the Copenhagen area. We have a lot of good references from housing companies which we can show you if you are interested.

We also fulfil stand-alone painter contracts for housing companies. If your housing administrator has a project which includes painting then we would like to hear from you.

Contact our painting company

Maler-Teamet is always ready to give an offer for painting work to housing companies or other business customers. No matter if the task includes facade painting, painting for staircases or apartments we are interested in the task.

You are welcome to call us at +45 27124187 if you want an offer for a specific painting assignment or a painter contract.

If your housing association or property management company is interested in hearing more about a possible co-operation then please call or write to us. You can use our contact form if you are not able to reach us on the phone.

Last updated: 24th June 2023

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