Floor treatment

Lacquering and other floor treatment

At Maler-Teamet we conduct various types of floor treatment. However most often we do a lacquering of the floor.

Before starting a floor treatment a floor sanding is often conducted. If the floor is in good condition then sanding of the floor might not be necessary and then we only conduct a floor treatment.

Many are in doubt about which floor treatment they should choose. It e.g. depends on what types of floor you have and what effect you want. However, most customers choose some kind of floor lacquering or possibly an oil or lye treatment.

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Different kinds of floor treatment

As a customer it is important to make some considerations about how you want your floor to look.

Are you looking for a white, light, dark, matt, glossy, shiny or other type of look to your floor? Depending on the effect you want we as an experienced painting and flooring company can advise you on how you can best achieve the desired effect.

You can e.g. choose from the following types of floor treatment:

  • Lacquering
  • Oil treatment
  • Lye treatment
  • Soap treatment
  • Staining
  • Painting of the floor

Examining your floor

If you have a solid wooden floor then you have many options for treating the floor.

Before starting the renovation of a floor it is important to examine the floor closer.

We always the examine the following things:

  • The floor type is it e.g. a solid floor or a laminate flooring
  • The quality and thickness of the floor
  • Deep cracks and other damage to the floor
  • The type of the previous floor treatment
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Floor treatment for business and private

At Maler-Teamet we co-operate with many of the large housing companies in the Copenhagen area.

Therefore we conduct many complete renovation of rental apartment which also includes floor service. We would like to take on even more floor treatment tasks and other types of painting tasks for business customers.

Of course we also offer our floor treatment service and other painting services to private customers renovating their apartments or houses.

Contact us for price and offer

If you have a painting or flooring assignment you are always welcome to contact us for a price and offer.

At Maler-Teamet we engage in a dialogue with you as a customer to provide the best possible advice on the treatment of your floors.

Please call 27 12 41 87 or contact us by filling out our contact form.

Last updated: 24th June 2023

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