House painting

Interior and exterior house painting

At Maler-Teamet, we paint houses inside and out. During the many years we have been in the painting business, we have helped many families with painting and renovation of their houses.

We are also happy to paint your house. We are a master painting company that focuses on doing quality work for all of our customers. With us, you get a top-quality painting service, no matter if you are a private customer or a business customer.

Feel free to contact us for offers on painting detached houses, terraced houses or other types of houses in the Greater Copenhagen area.

Painting a house - Local painter
Exterior painting of house - Maler-Teamet

Painting services for homeowners

As a homeowner, you often need to have many different things painted indoors and outdoors. Here is an overview of painting services that Maler-Teamet can help a homeowner with:

Contact us and get a paint work offer for painting for your house.

Advice regarding house painting

Our experience in the painting profession means that you can always seek advice and guidance from us. Make use of this before we start a painting task at your place. When the house is to be painted or renovated, it is always a good idea to take the advice of the master painter into consideration.

Have a successful renovation of the house with the help of Maler-Teamet. Our team of master painters, educated painters and apprentice painters always carry out a professional piece of painting work.

Choose a professional painting company to paint your house. If you choose Maler-Teamet few, you will get professional advice included in the price.

Painter plasters wall - Painting task in house
Painting of windows inside and outside

Painting services in the Copenhagen area

Maler-Teamet has its address in Valby, but we paint houses, apartments and business premises throughout Greater Copenhagen and North Zealand. It is thus subordinate whether your house is located in e.g. Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Valby, Hellerup, Gentofte, Rødovre or Hvidovre.

If you have a detached house, terraced house or a villa in the Copenhagen area, we are interested in helping you with the painting work. Maler-Teamet always provides a good offer for indoor and outdoor painting work for houses.

Offer for painting a house

Get an offer for painting a house from Maler-Teamet. We only collect happy painting customers and would also very much like to carry out a nice and professional painting job for you.

With Maler-Teamet, you get your house renovated and painted exactly as you want it. We carry out painting tasks quickly, efficiently and in high quality. If you are looking for a professional painting company, talk to us.

Write or call for a quote for painting your house. You can use the get an offer form or call directly at 27 12 41 87.

Last updated: 24th June 2023

Newly painted house - Renovated living room - Paint work