Relocation guarantee

Relocation guarantee from Maler-Teamet

When you are moving out of a rental apartment and we renovate it you will always get a relocation guarantee.

We have many years of experience with complete renovation of apartments when people move out. Therefore we know exactly how the painting work should be carried out. Hereby you can move out of the rental home without having problems with the landlord afterwards.

With a relocation guarantee it is us who take on the responsibility for the renovation of the apartment you are moving from. As an experienced painter we know how the painting and floor work should be carried out. All work should be done in accordance with the rules of the Danish Rent Act, the rules of the housing association and your rental contract. This is all included in our relocation guarantee.

Relocation guarantee when moving out - Complete renovation of apartment - Maler-Teamet
Guarantee when moving from a rental apartment - Maler-Teamet

Why is relocation guarantee important?

Our relocation guarantee is valuable for you. As a tenant you are securing yourself against any objections from the landlord if we perform the painting task.

Conversely if you e.g. choose to renovate an apartment you are moving from yourself or choose a painter that does not provide a relocation guarantee, then you must face any problems with the landlord yourself.

A landlord can easily decide not to approve a renovation and thus not pay back your deposit. If the landlord’s inspections shows there are faults and the renovation is not done correctly, then the landlord has the right to get a painter to do the repairs at the tenant’s expense.

Therefore as a tenant you should consider whether it is not better for you to choose a professional painting company from the start. Remember that Maler-Teamet offers you a price which includes relocation guarantee.

Relocation guarantee provides security

If we carry out a complete renovation of the apartment you are moving away from, then we always include a relocation guarantee in the price. As a tenant Maler-teamet’s relocation guarantee ensures you:

  • Refund of the full deposit from the landlord or housing company
  • Approval when the landlord makes an inspection
  • Correction of any faults and omissions free of charge after the inspection
  • That you can move out without having a hassle afterwards

As a landlord or housing company you can also choose us to do the apartment renovation when somebody moves out. Hereby we ensure you that:

  • The work will be done in accordance with rules and requirements
  • There is a very low risk of errors and omissions after the completion of the work
  • There is less work with contacting with tenants and explanation of rules and requirements
  • There is a minimum of administrative work e.g. regarding inspection of the apartment
Painting of windows inside and outside
Floor service in a rental apartment - We give you relocation garantee udflytningsgaranti - Maler-Teamet

Renovating with relocation guarantee

Instead of you having to familiarise yourself with all the rules regarding when move out from rental apartment you can let Maler-Teamet help you.

We find which rules and requirements apply to your housing association or housing company. Next we do an examination of your apartment and find a price for the renovation which has to be done according to the rules and requirement.

If you choose us you always get an offer for a complete renovation which includes painting work, floor service and cleaning. Regarding our work concerns apartment renovation when you ar moving out we always provide a relocation guarantee.

Prices and relocation guarantee

No matter if you are a tenant, landlord. housing association og housing company you are very welcome to contact us.

We are happy to provide further information about our prices for the renovation of apartments when moving out and about our relocation guarantee.

Please call us at 27 12 41 87 or fill out the contact form right away.

Last updated: 24th June 2023

Rental apartment ready for moving out - Relocation guarantee - Maler-Teamet