Complete renovation

Complete renovation when moving out

Maler-Teamet are experts in the complete apartment renovation when moving out.

We work with a large number of the municipal housing companies in the Copenhagen area. Therefore we have extensive experience in handling complete renovations when a rental apartment is vacated.

If you contact us either as a landlord or tenant you can be sure that the painting and floor work will be done correctly. In fact we give all our customers a relocation guarantee when we renovate a move-out apartment.

Complete renovation of an apartment when moving out - Maler-Teamet
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Move out without any problems

When moving out of a rental apartment there are certain rules and requirement’s that you must comply with.

According to the Danish Rent Act an apartment must be left in the same condition as when you moved in. Only ordinary wear and tear of the apartment is accepted by the law. As a minimus this typically means that walls and ceilings in the apartment must be painted and that a floor treatment has to be conducted.

Likewise the apartment must of course be handed over completely cleaned. The rules and requirements for handing over apartments when moving out may vary from housing association to housing association. However the rules and regulations of the Danish Rent Act must always be complied with.

At Maler-Teamet we know the requirements of the Rent Act and we familiarise ourselves with the housing association’s rules and requirements in accordance with your rental agreement. Therefore you can safely let Maler-Teamet help you and you can move out of the apartment without having any problems.

Normal renovation

As a minimum a housing association will require that when moving out a normal renovation is carried out. This means that holes in walls or wallpaper should be repaired, walls and ceilings should painted white and the hole apartments should completely cleaned.

Floor treatment will very often also be a part of a normal renovation. Please note that a housing association can make additional demands when moving out of an apartment than those stated in the Danish Rent Act.

It is therefore important to know exactly what rules and regulations apply for your specific apartment regarding a relocation.

Renovation of an apartment in Copenhagen when moving out - Relocation guarantee - Maler-Teamet
Painting of a rental apartment when moving out - Renovation of apartment - Maler-Teamet

New renovation

According to the Danish Rental Act a landlord may add a special requirements in the rental agreement. One of does could be a requirement of a complet new renovation of the apartment when moving out. This will typically be the case when renting out completely new or completely newly renovated apartments or houses.

A new renovation of apartment when moving out means that the entire apartment must be painted and refurbished as if the apartment was new. In practice this means that walls, ceilings, windows, radiators, pipes etc. all needs to be painted. Likewise wooden floors should be sanded and/or a minimum the floor service should as a minimum include floor treatment.

For a painting company like ours it is important to know whether the landlord requires a new renovation or a normal renovation of the apartment when moving out. No matter what the requirements Maler-Teamet is ready to take care of a complete renovation of your rental apartment when moving out.

Do also note that we provide a relocation guarantee. Hereby you will never have problems with the landlord if our work is not done correctly.

Get an offer for complete renovation

No matter if you work for a housing association or you are a private customer you are always welcome to contact us. Book a professional painter for your apartment renovation today.

You can  to find more information about prices and relocation guarantee here on our website.

We are always interested in to giving a good offer on complete renovation of an apartments when moving out. Please call us at 27 12 41 87 or use the contact form.

Last updated: 24th June 2023

Completely renovated apartment when moving out - Apartment white painted - Maler-Teamet