Painter Copenhagen

Painter in Copenhagen

Maler-Teamet carries out painting tasks throughout Copenhagen. If you are looking for a painter in Copenhagen for business, public or private tasks, when contact us for an offer. Our team of skilled painters are happy to take on new challenging tasks in the following locations in the Copenhagen area:

  • Copenhagen K
  • Vesterbro
  • Østerbro
  • Nordhavn
  • Nørrebro
  • Copenhagen NV
  • Copenhagen SV
  • Copenhagen S
Painter Copenhagen - Painting a facade for a housing association
Renovated staircase - Painting work in Copenhagen

Total renovation and refurbishment

At Maler-Teamet, we are happy to undertake renovations and painting contracts in Copenhagen and the surrounding area.

We specialise in painting and floor work for housing associations when people are moving out of rental apartments. However, Maler-Teamet carries out many other painting tasks for housing companies, the business community, public institutions and private individuals in Copenhagen, including:

Member of Københavns Malerlaug

As a professional painting company, Maler-Teamet is a member of Københavns Malerlaug (Association of painters in Copenhagen). The painters’ guild has existed since 1622 and has always been a guarantor of high quality when it comes to the painting craft.

Maler-Teamet is an experienced painter company that delivers painting work of the highest quality. Our company is also a member of Danske Malermestre (The Danish Association of Painters).

The membership of Københavns Malerlaug and Danske Malermestre is a signal and a guarantee that you are dealing with a professional master painter company

Complete renovation of property - Painting windows in Copenhagen
Renovation of property - Painting assignment in Copenhagen

Painting tasks in Copenhagen

We regularly carry out both large and small painting tasks in Copenhagen area. We have e.g. carried out painting work for the following types of customers in Copenhagen:

  • Housing associations
  • Housing companies
  • Apartment owners’ associations
  • Shops
  • Companies
  • Public institutions
  • Construction companies
  • Private individuals

Get a painting offer in Copenhagen

As a painter working for businesses and private individuals in the Copenhagen area, we are happy to provide a non-binding offer for any painting task.

Our experienced team of painters would be thrilled to take on larger painting projects in Copenhagen. However, we would also be glad to give smaller local companies or individuals a painting offer.

Call us at 27 12 41 87 and learn more about what we can offer regarding painting and floor services. You are also welcome to use our contact form or the get an offer form.

Last updated: 24th June 2023

Maler-Teamet in Copenhagen - Painting company for business and private