Glass fibre and wallpaper

Setting up of glass fibre and wallpaper

You can order the setting up of glass fibre wallcoverings and wallpaper from Maler-Teamet. If you want stringy and beautifully set up glass fibre tissue, glass fibre fabric or wallpaper, get an offer from a professional painting company, like us.

We do all the necessary preparatory work so that your walls and ceilings will look great. We often carry out a full levelling, sanding, cleaning and priming of the wall and ceiling before setting up glass fibre wallcovering or wallpaper.

If you need advice and guidance on which wallcovering to choose, talk to us. Our skilled painters can give good advice regarding the renovation of walls and ceilings.

Get an offer for setting up glass fibre and wallpaper
Setting up of glass fibre and wallpaper

Setting up glass fibre tissue

Setting up thin glass fibre tissue wallcovering is probably the solution that most Danes choose when renovating apartments and houses. Likewise, many also have thin glass fibre tissue mats covering the ceiling. Especially in older homes with plaster ceilings, many also choose to have glass fibre tissue in the ceiling.

Before we start a task with setting up glass fibre tissue, we carefully examine the wall and ceiling. It is e.g. important to fill out cracks and holes before plastering the wall and ceiling. In addition, it is important that all surfaces are completely even before applying glass fibre tissue or other types of glass fibre wallcoverings.

If you want a completely smooth and clean finish on your walls and ceiling, talk to Maler-Temaet about setting up glass fibre tissue.

Setting up glass fibre fabric

If you need to set up glass fibre fabric on the wall, you will get the best result with professional help. At Maler-Teamet, we are happy to provide an offer for setting up glass fibre fabric for private individuals or companies.

With glass fibre fabric, you get a rough and robust surface on your wall. This glass fibre is a very good and durable solution if you want to hide cracks in walls. Once the glass fibre fabric is set up well, it will sit on the wall for years.

If you want to avoid problems when setting up glass fibre fabric, Maler-Teamet will be happy to undertake the task. We take care of levelling and priming the wall, securing that the final result after setting up the glass fibre fabric will be the best possible.

Professional painting work - Newly renovated staircase
Plastering of a wall by a painter

Setting up wallpaper

You can choose between having different types of wallpaper installed. You can e.g. choose to have woodchip wallpaper, foam wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper or velour wallpaper set up.

Depending on whether you want a private home wallpapered or a business premises, there can be a big difference in which solution you should choose. At Maler-Teamet, we always offer good advice for choosing wallpaper and we only use quality products when carrying out paint work.

No matter which wallpaper you choose, you can be sure that Maler-Teamet’s team of painters will have it set up concretely. Get an offer for setting up wallpaper from us.

Get an offer from Maler-Teamet

If you want to hear more about professional setting up of glass fibre tissue, glass fibre fabric or wallpaper, then have a chat with us. Call 27 12 41 87 or use our contact form.

We are happy to give offers for the renovation of apartments, houses, shops, offices, public institutions, etc. Do you want an offer for a complete renovation, which includes setting up wallcoverings then feel free to contact us.

Maler-Teamet has skilled painters who take great pride in delivering quality craftsmanship to our customers. This also applies when setting up glass fibre and wallpaper.

Last updated: 24th June 2023

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