Construction Companies

Painter for construction companies

At Maler-Teamet we gladly take on a painting contract e.g. in connection with a building project. We offer different types of painting contracts. However we are also interested in participating as a subcontractor for a main contractor.

We are especially interested in entering into new partnerships regarding painting of new built homes. We already have many years of experience with painting and complete renovation of apartments for housing companies when people move out. Therefore it is also obvious for us to apply for more tasks regarding painting of new apartments and houses.

Delivery of quality work is of outmost importance for us when we take on a painting job. That is why we know how to make everything as is should be when we paint new apartments. Everyone expects a tip-top result when it comes to painting new build houses and apartments. Maler-Teamet can deliver that.

Painter for construction companies and building projects
Co-operate with the construction industry - Maler-Teamet

Co-operation with the construction industry

As an experienced painter with over 10 years of experience in the painting profession we want to strengthen our position within the construction industry. For the same reason we seek co-operation with the following type of construction companies:

  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Construction companies
  • Carpentry companies
  • Joinery companies
  • Bricklayer companies

We are primarily interested in handling painter contracts for these types of companies. We are therefore interested in taking on a role as a subcontractor of painting services in connection with construction contracts. If your company handles main contracts we would like to bid on the painting part.

Painter for new built buildings

Many new beautiful buildings are currently being built in Copenhagen and the surrounding areas. At Maler-Teamet we would therefore like to participate in these exciting construction projects regarding painting work.

We are aware of the fact that many developers, contractors and construction companies already are in control of the painting work. Nevertheless problems often arise with quality and capacity of the painters responsible for the task. At Maler-Teamet we are always ready to lend a helping hand in connection with new construction projects.

At our company quality work comes first. Therefore if you as a construction company are interested in a new painter partner please contact us.

Painter for new construction and your building project - Maler-Teamet
Renovating and restoring a facade

Different building projects

We are interested to take on a role as a subcontractor of painting services in connection with various construction projects. Therefore we offer to handle painter contracts in connection with:

  • Renovation projects
  • Extension projects
  • Remodelling projects
  • Other construction projects

As a professional painting company you can always count on us. We would like to help with the painting and floor service regarding construction projects. If you as a company or privately have a construction project where you need a painter when feel free have a talk to us.

Co-operation with craftsmen

Maler-Teamet already collaborates with other craftsmen, typically bricklayers, carpenters and joiners in the Copenhagen area. However we would like to enter into a co-operation regarding contracts with even more carpenter, joiner and bricklayer companies.

In connection with public or private contracts our team of painters can take on many different tasks. We perform all kinds of painting work and often perform floor sanding and floor treatment.

Are you a professional craftsman like we are and you are ready to take on common construction projects? Then feel free to contact us. We are open to new exciting tasks where we can take advantage of our employees’ high professionalism as painters. Let’s build and renovate together.

Co-operate with craftsmen - Maler-Teamet
Contact Maler-Teamet about building projects

Contact us about construction projects

If you need a painter for a construction project then you have come to the right place. We are interested to take on new painting assignments and are ready to enter into new co-operations with others in the construction industry.

Maler-Teamet is ready to handle a painter contract in connection with a construction project. We therefore like to hear from developers, contractors, craftsmen and others in the construction industry who need a painter.

Contact us at +45 27124187 or send a message immediately here from the website.

Last updated: 24th June 2023